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FRI – 02/01/19

CONDITIONS: Thigh-Waist, Bumpy, Rideable, Inconsistent, Moderate Current, Cloudy Day…NORTH DISTRICT CONTEST CALLED ON FOR TOMORROW

Good Friday Morning & Welcome… There is some rideable surf out there today as you can see by the pics of my good friend Damien from Southern Spears Surf Shop. It is thigh-waist, bumpy, mushy, inconsistent but when a set does come it is fun. There is a East to West current and the ENE winds kind of put a sideshore chop on it but it is worth a go if you are on the beach, it beats Flat. Not sure if it will be here tomorrow for the contest, but we will keep you posted when the call is made. Come down and paddle out, after today it will be small until the middle of next week…

North District Contest Presented by &

Jimmy’s on the Pier is called ON for tomorrow!!

February 02, 2019  North District Contest is Open to all surfers interested in the Texas Gulf Surfing Association who live North of Victoria, Texas.  Entry fee for the District Contest is reduced to $25 per event ($15 for Micro-Groms).  The event has been rescheduled for February 2,3,9 or 10, 2019.  Sponsor for the contest is hosted by Jimmy’s on the Pier.  The contest will be held at Jimmy’s Pier 9001 Seawall Blvd. in Galveston, Texas. Please register online at

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