Galveston Surf Cams,
Coastal Forecast,
Real Estate & More!

Galveston Surf Cams,
Coastal Forecast,
Real Estate & More!

FRI – 06/28/19


Well, the surf has gone bye-bye so no surf but the water and the conditions for fishing and paddling around on the longboard are awesome. The water clarity is totally awesome so come on down and hang out. The forecast has changed and it will be mostly flat until at least Monday afternoon. Keep an eye on the cams but come down and hang out, it is really nice on the beach!!

There remain no organized tropical systems across the Atlantic Ocean, and do not foresee tropical development in the coming days. Much of the basin continues to be dominated by either high wind shear or large amounts of dry, dusty air. While there are several tropical waves traversing the Atlantic, the aforementioned factors will continue to inhibit any development through at least early next week.


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