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SAT – 07/13/19


Still no swell from Barry… because the storm was so disorganized with no real center and spin until this morning, the out-pulse is limited and any surf will likely be small (waist high if we’re lucky) but clean with the North winds, we will have to see if it begins to show later today. I love the shot from the pier, check out all the dragonfly’s, they look like helicopters in this web cam grab!! All in all it is really nice on the Island today…

The deepest thunderstorm activity associated with Barry is now inching its way towards the south-central and southeastern Louisiana coastline. Satellite and radar imagery continue to show that most of the very heavy rainfall and deepest thunderstorm activity is located on the southern and eastern sides of the storm due to persistent northerly wind shear. Barry is almost a hurricane as an oil rig platform just south of Morgan City is reporting 69 mph sustained winds with gusts to 79 mph. In addition, radar wind velocities show 70 to 77 mph winds occurring in some of the bands rotating northward to the south of the southeastern Louisiana coast. The center of Barry, according to initial reconnaissance reports, may be crossing the coast of south-central Louisiana near the western side of Vermilion Bay. It should be noted that a majority of the extremely heavy rainfall with Barry is located on the southern side of the storm. This means that a lot of the rain will not occur until after the center of Barry moves completely inland into southern Louisiana.

Hear my surf report and forecast on the top of the hour on Radio Galveston, listen here: Radio Galveston Live

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