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SAT – 11/30/19

CONDITIONS: Thigh-Waist, Bumpy, Disorganized, Rideable, Front Tonight…

Good Saturday… First of all, good to be back at em after my knee surgery last week, have been out of commission the past few days. Thew pics are just some shots looking back on the radio show, will update new shots tomorrow as I am able to get to the beach. The surf is thigh to waist high, bumpy and weak but rideble. The winds will be onshore the rest of the day as the front has stalled and now it appears it will not cross the coast until after sunset tonight. Hopefully it is not s a strong one and there will e some small surf left over for tomorrow morning but I am skeptical, the swell is pretty weak and will not do well against a stronger front but we will have to  wait and see. Keep an eye on the weather and cams but at least there is some surf to ride out there….


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