Galveston Surf Cams,
Coastal Forecast,
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Galveston Surf Cams,
Coastal Forecast,
Real Estate & More!

THUR – 08/01/19


Good Thursday… The surf is flat and it is another really hot & sunny day on the Island. The water is still really nice and blue and the fishing is great but no surf. The conditions are great for some paddling and swimming so come down and hang out. The surf will remain micro small to flat for the next few days but the water is still really nice so go for a swim or a paddle, it is nice out there…

Looking at the Atlantic basin, several African easterly waves that are rather robust continue to emerge off the African coast. They are continuing to encounter dry and dusty Saharan air, preventing any organization, but development will be possible if these waves can hold together later this week as they propagate westward across the Atlantic. One particular tropical wave, currently located near 37W has shown a rather extensive area of shower and thunderstorms Thursday morning. As this wave moves west and enters an area of more conducive upper-level winds, tropical organization will be possible later this week over the open waters of the central tropical Atlantic and early next week near the Lesser Antilles.

LAUGH OUT LOUD COMEDY SHOW – A fundraiser for 3 Island ministries… “Laughing is an instant vacation!” Bob Smiley, Mike Hickman, and Michael Smalley… Three of the nation’s most in-demand and hilarious clean comedians coming to Galveston! August 3rd, 3 PM and 7 PM (Doors open one hour before the show). For Tickets Go To: LAUGH OUT LOUD TICKETS

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